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Welcome to the website of Armator PLC.

We are the official ZSK embroidery machine distributor in the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), as well as the official Brother embroidery distributor in Estonia.

Here you will find information about the range of equipment that we offer. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in our products. Inquiries about machines or their parts are always welcome.


Machines can be purchased in installments. We also support applications for financial assistance and development grants.

ZSK Embroidery Machines

Sprint 6

Starting from 13000 EUR

Racer Multihead (1-64)

16000-70000 EUR

ZSK machines are shipped without software. You can purchase original BasePac program (professional training is strongly recommended) or use other software capable of creating files in ZSK-readable *.DST, *.DSZ, *.DSG or *.Z00 format.

More About BasePac

Why Choose ZSK?

Up to 64 Machine Heads

The ZSK's underlying concept is flexible application, allowing one machine to have up to 64 heads.

100% Made in Germany

Each machine and each part is made only of high-quality materials in Germany.

Return on Investment

Statistics shows that ZSK embroidery machines have the fastest return on investment rate.

High Resale Value

Top ZSK quality translates into a long-term interest towards the machines, both new and old.

Brother Embroidery Machines


6500 EUR (+VAT)


5250 EUR (+VAT)


2750 EUR (+VAT)


350 EUR (+VAT)

Frames: Embroidery machines come with a set of basic frames. Additional devices can be purchased for 35-300 EUR. A full set of cap frames costs 527 EUR (+VAT).

Software: Basic software is included with every Brother embroidery machine. Additionally, you have an option of buying the Brother PE-Design Plus (260 EUR + VAT) or PE-Design 10 (855 EUR + VAT).

Other Embroidery Machines

Why Choose Brother?

Cheap price

Brother machines are the cheapest high-quality embroidery machines on the market.

Simple and Clear

User friendly interface and intuitive handling are inherent to every embroidery model.


Brother machines do not require a lot of space, they are light and easily transportable.

Best choice for start-ups

All embroidery models are perfect for small businesses, start-ups and home users.